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Late-breaking submissions is open until Thursday July 5th, 2018. Submit your abstract and present and attend the biggest Bird Congress & Bird Month in Western Canada!

Accepted submissions will be traditional paper poster. 

To submit an abstract, submitters must first be registered for the conference. The registration confirmation email will have a link connecting to the abstract submission site.

If you are not ready to pay at the time of your registration, please select “Bank Transfer” as your method of payment in order to finish the process and receive the abstract submission site link. Once submitters receive notice of their abstracts, you will be asked to complete and confirm your registration by sending in your registration payment via Bank Transfer. Should you choose to pay by credit card, please contact us at the following email address to update your registration and receive instructions on how to pay. Any additional banking fees will be removed at this time. Email:

Although a registrant can co-author any number of presentations, any one individual may only submit one first-authored abstract, and therefore, only present once at the IOCongress2018.



  • Late Breaker Abstract Submission Closes: July 5, 2018
  • Late Breaker Abstract Presenter Notification: TBA



Step 1: Register for IOCongress2018.
Step 2: Write your abstract, following the abstract guidelines below, and save content in a file on your computer. Abstracts must not exceed 250 words.
Step 3: Click the abstract submission link in your registration confirmation email. After entering authors, co-authors, and affiliations, copy and paste abstract text into appropriate sections of the submission form.
Step 4: Review, confirm and submit your abstract. 





The abstract title should be short, informative, and contain major key words. It should be in sentence case, bold, and aligned (justified) with both left and right margins.


On the online abstract submission form, it is required to enter the authors’ first names and surnames (indicating the presenting author) including the names of institutions. Do not include degrees or professional titles (e.g. Dr, Prof, etc,).


  • Abstracts must be in one paragraph and be no more and no more than 250 words. 
  • Abstracts should be based upon the following structure: Background/problem, Aims, Methods, Results, Conclusions.
  • The first time a species is mentioned, both the scientific and vernacular names must be provided. 
  • Scientific names should be in italics.
  • Common names should follow the recommendations established in:
    • Gill, F. & Wright, M. (2006). Birds of the World: Recommended English Names (on behalf of the International Ornithological Congress). Princeton, N.J. and Oxford, UK: Princeton University Press
    • ISBN-13: 978-0-691-12827-6 and ISBN-10: 0-691-12827-8
    • Review for more details
  • Please do not use figures, tables, superscripts or subscripts, Greek letters, or special symbols. 
  • For publication, abstracts will be edited, and minor revisions may be made in style, grammar, wording, and spelling as needed. Authors will be contacted if their abstract requires extensive revision. 
  • All submitted and accepted abstracts will be included in the electronic abstract book which will be available to delegates before the congress.

Compliance to the specifications is imperative. Any abstract that does not comply with these specifications will not be accepted for review.




Abstracts will be independently reviewed and scored by a minimum of 3 reviewers using the following criteria:

  1. Scientific merit
  2. Clarity of writing
  3. Relevance of subject matter to symposium audience/subject area (as applicable)

Reviewer scores and comments will develop the symposium program and presentation slots.