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Artist Showcase

Vancouver is home to many local artists who have received international recognition for their contribution to the art community. With the IOCongress2018 coming to Vancouver in 2018, we are excited to showcase and promote a variety of artists who have done their part in promoting not only our beautiful city, but also contributing to the Ornithological community.


Thomas Arnatt |


Glenn Bartley Nature Photography |

Alison's Fishing Birds, by Roderick Haig-Brown |

Adam Dhalla | 

Liron's Nature Photography |


John Gordon Photography |




Ian Harland Photography |

June Hunter Images |

Tom Middleton Photography | 




Featherdust Studio: The Art of Jennifer Miller |

Liam Singh Nature Photography |

Alice Sun Nature Photography |


Derek Tan |

Derek Tan, our IOCongress2018 logo designer, was born in Vancouver and grew up in Burnaby next to the lakes and the Trans-Canada Highway. He majored in both biology and art history at the University of British Columbia. He has worked as a photographer, illustrator, and multimedia designer, with the goal of communicating the primacy, mystery, and wonder of the natural world. Here, Derek worked to capture the iconic nature of the Common Loon. Finding a balance between stylization and realism, while incorporating classic lines and letterforms, the logo expresses the elegance and power of birds; qualities which capture the imagination of so many people.