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BOU ECR Member bursaries


BOU will be supporting BOU ECR members to attend the IOCongress in 2018.

The BOU is offering travel grants for BOU early career researcher (ECR) members. This is the first time the BOU has been able to support ECRs to attend an International Ornithological Congress, and it will provide an opportunity for BOU ECR members outside Europe to take advantage of this support, as support offered around their traditional events tends to be taken up solely by European researchers.

For BOU ECR members from North and Central America, Early Career Researcher awards up to £300/$375*. For the rest of the world, awards will be up to £800/$1000*.

The BOU's usual condition that those wishing to take advantage of BOU support must already be an ECR member in the year preceding the event they wish to attend, applies. Further conditions also apply.

Look for announcements on social media (on Twitter from @IOCongress2018, @IBIS_journal, and on the hashtag #IOCongress2018). Further details will be available on the BOU website from October 1, 2017.

Please click here for more information and to join as a ECR member.

*USD rate will be based on currency conversion from GBP at the time of the award.