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Increase Your Exposure at IOCONGRESS2018 



Increase your exposure at iocongress2018

Why not take advantage of our marketing packages on offer to increase your exposure at IOCongress2018 both before and during the Congress? For more information on pricing or if you would like to purchase any of the below marketing options please contact Shawn Cheng at

Full Page $3,000
Half Page $1,500
1/4 Page $1,000
Exhibit Hall Floor Decals
Invite attendees to follow footprints to your booth!
starting at $1,000
Window Clings $2,500
Hanging Banners $3,000
Escalator Sign Bands $5,000
Atrium Floor Decal $7,500
Pillar Wraps $6,500
> Limited quantity available
> Pricing does not include the production cost


Banner ad posts  $500 per day


Banner Ad $500/distribution
Article Ad $300/distribution
Footer Banner $400/distribution


Scrolling Banner  
     Display between 7/23 - 8/31 $950
     Display between now - 7/22 $750
Side Banner  
     Display between 7/23 - 8/32 $650
     Display between now - 7/22 $550