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iocongress2018 science tours

You are invited to the most important bird conference... 

Parallel to Vancouver's first International Bird Festival, the city will host the 27th International Ornithological Congress. One of the most prestigious conferences in the world, it will welcome over 2000 scientists from 100 countries. 

Explore IOCongress2018

In the 134 years since its inception, the IOCongress has grown substantially. So too have the challenges facing wild bird populatins including: habitat loss, climate change, and extinction.

Finding solutions to these challenges is a multidisciplinary effort. In addition to ornithologists, the IOCongress hosts scientists from a diversity of disciplines, including ecology, conservation biology, toxicology, and environmental and social sciences.

Out Science Tours will take you inside the IOCongress and give you a chance to see the latest research and the many people who are working to keep birds in the sky. Highlights of the tour include: 

  • A guided visit to the research poster session
  • Attendance to scientific talks
  • The opportunity to chat with ornithologists from around the world
  • Access to the exhibition stands

Tour Details:

Date: August 21 - 22 [Pre-Booking Only] & August 23, 25 & 26 [Open to the Public] 
Time: 3:30 PM 
Tour Length: Approx 45 minutes