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Nature & Bird Tours

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Special 2-hour, half day, full day & multi-day tours have been crafted by Professional Tour Operators and Ornithologists to provide the public and delegates an opportunity to join Nature & Bird Tours that are happening as close as your backyard. Venture into Stanley Park for a 2-hour tour, or further afield in British Columbia - to Haida Gwaii and the Great Bear Rain Forest. Canada, the United States, Colombia and Ecuador - the finest tours and adventures await you and your loved ones! 

Team members from the ornithology community, as well as experienced guides crafted these tours specifically to commemorate the 2018 International Ornithological Congress being held here in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. See birds in their local alpine, forest, wetland, and coastal habitats when you visit Vancouver, and disover the great beyond of what birding has to offer. Download the checklist of birds in the Metro Vancouver Area/Lower Mainland during the Congress.



* Prices listed below are in CAD and do not include taxes or fees where applicable. Prices and content subject to change without notice. Tours subject to cancellation with notice; cancelled tours will be refunded.