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Our T-Shirt Design Contest is now closed. CongratulationS, Joshua Penalba!

We are pleased to offer T-shirts with Joshua's design for purchase. T-Shirts with the winning design are available for purchase during Registration. Get your's now!


IOCongress2018 is excited to announce our T-Shirt Design Contest from Wednesday August 9 to Friday September 29, 2017 inclusive. The winner will receive 2 banquet tickets to IOCongress2018, his/her design printed on t-shirts at the Congress, and of course recognition!

Submission Rules

Deadline:     Friday, September 29, 2017
Theme:        Gathering of the flock
Format:       .EPS or .PDF only
Email submissions (or questions) to: is now closed. Thank you for your submissions!

Limit 3 submissions per person.
Winners will be contacted by Tuesday October 31 2017.
Plan for a blue or brown background. Good luck!