Radar in Solothurn

Starting next year, the field trial phase of the Swiss Birdardar project will begin. The future wind farm, which is planned to be built near the city of Grenchen in the canton of Solothurn and tentatively scheduled for operation in 2015, will be the first plant in the energy sector to be equipped with this technology.

According to the local energy supplier SWG, which has invested 35 million Swiss francs in the project, the acquisition of radars (which is about 350 thousand francs) will pay off within a few years. “This is no big deal for a large enterprise,” says Urs Seifert. “But even a little money can be a big investment in bird protection.”

“Therefore, installing radars everywhere is not an optimal solution,” swissinfo replied. ch from this organization in writing. “Wind energy makes a significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions and therefore helps to combat the effects of climate change, which, according to BirdLife International, threaten the extinction of 75% of European bird species,” emphasizes Suisse Éole.