Steppe eagles in care

Steppe eagles are listed in the Red Book as an endangered species. For several years now, the Russian network for the study and protection of birds of prey has been observing the behavior of some individuals of this species, each of which is equipped with a special transmitter that regularly sends SMS messages with the coordinates of the location of the bird. This approach will help scientists establish the main migration routes of steppe eagles and identify the main threats that rare birds may face.

Usually in the summer, steppe eagles live in Russia and Kazakhstan, and for the winter they go to Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and India, sometimes stopping briefly in Iran, Afghanistan or Tajikistan. This year, the birds went for wintering through Kazakhstan and during the entire flight through the territory of this state they remained outside the coverage area of ​​cell towers. As a result, several eagles “got in touch” only when they got to countries where SMS is expensive. The eagle Min from Khakassia distinguished itself more than others. She managed to avoid cell towers all the way to Iran. Once in the coverage area of ​​the cellular network, the transmitter began sending messages for the entire flight, each of which costs 49 rubles. As a result, the annual SMS budget allocated to the Eagles was exhausted in 9.5 months.