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The American Ornithological Society (AOS) is pleased to provide funding for student members of the Society to defray travel expenses to attend the International Ornithological Congress 2018 held in Vancouver, British Columbia, August 19-26.

The AOS is offering travel awards for graduate students and postdocs to help defray expenses to attend this international meeting. Our goal is to support students who will maximally benefit from attending the IOCongress, held every four years, by helping them expand their network while seeking new professional development opportunities.

To qualify for an award, applicants must be a current AOS member, be an enrolled Grad Student or Post-Doc Fellow, and be the presenting author of a poster or oral presentation.

Deadline for receipt of complete applications: March 20, 2018. Applicants must submit through the AOS member portal. See this page for more info.

For more information on how to qualify, application details, and funds available, click here.



  • Be a current AOS Member (12-31-2018 or later expiration date)
  • Be an enrolled Grad Student (major advisor verification required) OR Postdoctoral Fellow (demonstrated need required)
  • Be the presenting author of a poster or oral presentation



All applicants must submit their application through the Member Portal and must include the required submission information:

  • Regardless of degree program, all applicants will be required to submit their current academic standing (e.g., MS, PhD, postdoc) and actual or anticipated graduation date.
  • Graduate student applicants must submit their supervisor’s name and email address, and upload a PDF of a brief statement from their advisor indicating the student is enrolled and in good standing.
  • Postdoctoral applicants must submit a statement clearly outlining their demonstrated need, including a statement on other sources of funding.
  • Travel budget information
  • Location that the student is traveling from (state or province, and country)
  • Please note: Location of origin may be used as a prioritization tool by the committee due to limited funds for this award.
  • Past travel award information from the AOS
  • PDF copy of your abstract that has been or will be submitted to IOCongress 2018. Abstracts do not need to be officially submitted to IOCongress 2018 in order to apply for the travel award. The confirmation number of the submitted abstract will be needed though to to receive the actual award if granted.

Deadline for receipt of complete applications: March 20, 2018. Applicants must submit through the AOS member portal. See this page for more info.



For further information regarding application submission, please contact Chris Mulvaney at

Any questions regarding the AOS Travel award should be directed to the committee chair, Morgan Tingley, via, with the subject line "AOS Travel Awards – Inquiry Regarding 2018 Travel Awards to IOCongress".