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Birds and Arts

We are excited to showcase a variety of artists who have done their part in promoting the beauty of nature, conservation and wild birds.

Authentic Egg Artistry

Hand Carved, Natural, Domestic, Infertile Bird Eggs. Darlene's creations are hand designed collectable art pieces which include Jewellery Boxes, Ornaments & Shadow Box Arrangements. Darlene's years of experience allows her to work with her collectors to design pieces that meet their expectations.


The coin is arguably one of the oldest art forms in human history. Joined by the Vancouver Ancient Coin Club and the North Shore Numismatic Club, you will be surprised to discover how deep the connection between birds and ancient coins. 

Joanna Lovett Sterling

The west coast of British Columbia Canada has always been Joanna’s home and she has been involved in jewelry making for most of her life. As her work progresses and evolves, she have become increasingly focused on the world around me. Her pieces capture both her love of nature and of the materials she works with. 

All of her pieces are handmade locally using green practices including the use of a high percentage of re-claimed and re-refined silver and karat gold. 

June Hunter Images

June Hunter is a Vancouver photographer, designer, and blogger. Her work is fuelled by the small daily inspirations to be found in urban nature. She is a crow paparazza,  an obsessive watcher of LBBs, and a connoisseur of lichen and rust.

Her blog is aptly called The Urban Nature Enthusiast.  

Neville Recording

John has had a lifelong interest in birds which began in England.

Serious Field Recording of birds began in 1993 after studying with the MacAuley Library of Natural Sounds, Cornell University. As Neville Recording, John has produced eighteen sound guides to bird identification. The 4CD set “Bird Songs of Canada, Chants D'Oiseax du Canada” is a highlight of his career and is a guide to the songs and calls of 435 Canadian bird species. 

Sarah Hammond Studio

Sarah Hammond of S.H.S. Is a designer, artist and illustrator living and working in Vancouver, BC. Having spent the last 12 years in the fashion design and sportswear industries across London, Amsterdam, and Vancouver, She is returning to her spiritual Nottinghamshire (UK) roots to create art inspired by nature.

The most dangerous poet in Canada



Tracy Jager

Tracy Jager’s art includes expressive drawings and paintings and whimsical creatures made from fabric and wood. A nature lover, her subjects are typically flora and fauna: birds and other animals as well as flowers and plants. She also creates poetic dreamscape collages and is a freelance writer.

Valentina NF Scientific illustration

Biologist and scientific illustrator. Her work looks for depicts life by showing its beauty and detailing its taxonomic characters

Yvonne Martinez - Bird & Botanical Artist

A Canadian artist who has specialized in watercolours of 'Birds & Botannicals' since 1981.

 Che Frausto


Went to school at the University of Colorado at Boulder where I studied Evolutionary Biology/Ecology and Environmental Studies. Got a Americorp internship with the Maui Nui Seabird Recovery Project and then got hired on full time for 3.5 years. After realizing that people wanted to help but they couldn't protect what they did not know exists I combined my passions for wildlife and art to start my own business Advance Wildlife Education. Hawaii is the extinction capital of the world so I wanted to help educate on native species, outreach, and support local conservation groups because working for one funding was always an issue. I illustrated and self published the books myself, most of them are free hand with sharpie. Through my art and products I really hope to connect with and inspire the next generation. My next project I will be taking on is creating a linked Foundation where I will fund scholarships for local and minority students pursuing a career in the conservation field.








Communication though wearable art has been a part of human social history for as long as we have been creating, celebrating, and telling stories. For Hillary, celebration and creativity took center stage as they created an intricate and life-like (complete with moving eyelids) costume that is an incredible experience to witness in motion. For Jennifer, what began as a creative, fun, and somewhat elaborate plan for a bird Halloween mask soon took wing and a life of its own as she began making bird masks as educational outreach tools.

Combined, the power of their realistic costumes and very bird-like performances are powerfully engaging. Hillary will be performing as Rue, a Kenku (a mythological race of bird-people), a truly captivating costume that is unforgettable to see in motion. Jennifer and her husband Brian will be preforming as a bearded vulture (Lammergeier) and a Philippine eagle, using captivatingly realistic masks to engage others to help raise awareness for these vulnerable species. Join us at #IOCongress2018 to experience these life like bird costumers for a once in a lifetime experience! 


H. “Rah” Esdaile is a professional illustrator, art director, and creative crafter who has been working as an artist in the video games industry since 2007. An enthusiastic admirer of birds, they have employed their artful crafting skills to hand-create a remarkable and life-like full avian costume. Their hobbies include birdwatching, cosplay, and playing tabletop RPGs.


Jennifer Miller is a professional artist that has been creating works focusing on wildlife and fantasy creatures for over two decades. A life-long bird enthusiast, her work heavily features avian creatures, both past, present, real and imaginary. While she enjoys painting in oils and via digital formats, recently she has also started creating realistic bird masks. Her husband, Brian, regularly assists by wearing the costumes both in tandem with Jennifer as well as on his own. Jennifer has held a life-long passion for conservation, and most notably has won the prestigious U.S. Federal Duck Stamp competition, and is a Signature member of Artists for Conservation.

The initiative is supported by the Consulate General of USA.




The Silent Skies Student Mural Project is a youth education project focused on conservation and the study of endangered species through art, research and community engagement. It specifically targets students in grades 3 through 7.

The project builds directly on an international collaborative super-mural featuring all 678 endangered bird species of the world; depicted by leading internationally recognized artists. The 100-ft-long installation will form the artistic centerpiece of the 8th annual Artists for Conservation Festival (AFC Festival), the 27th International Ornithological Congress (IOCongress2018) and Vancouver International Bird Festival (VIBF) at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

The program offers students, educators, schools, parents and their respective communities a unique opportunity for students to have their work published online and potentially selected for exhibit in a major international cultural and scientific event. A selection of 100 student artworks will be printed and mounted in a physical installation alongside the professional artist version at the aforementioned events.

Educators can register and download grade-specific program kits free of charge at


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