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Bird costumers at iocongress2018 

A pair of bird nerds celebrate and educate about birds through the creative lens of wearable art



Communication though wearable art has been a part of human social history for as long as we have been creating, celebrating, and telling stories. For Hillary, celebration and creativity took center stage as they created an intricate and life-like (complete with moving eyelids) costume that is an incredible experience to witness in motion. For Jennifer, what began as a creative, fun, and somewhat elaborate plan for a bird Halloween mask soon took wing and a life of its own as she began making bird masks as educational outreach tools.

Combined, the power of their realistic costumes and very bird-like performances are powerfully engaging. Hillary will be performing as Rue, a Kenku (a mythological race of bird-people), a truly captivating costume that is unforgettable to see in motion. Jennifer and her husband Brian will be preforming as a bearded vulture (Lammergeier) and a Philippine eagle, using captivatingly realistic masks to engage others to help raise awareness for these vulnerable species. Join us at #IOCongress2018 to experience these life like bird costumers for a once in a lifetime experience! 


H. “Rah” Esdaile is a professional illustrator, art director, and creative crafter who has been working as an artist in the video games industry since 2007. An enthusiastic admirer of birds, they have employed their artful crafting skills to hand-create a remarkable and life-like full avian costume. Their hobbies include birdwatching, cosplay, and playing tabletop RPGs.


Jennifer Miller is a professional artist that has been creating works focusing on wildlife and fantasy creatures for over two decades. A life-long bird enthusiast, her work heavily features avian creatures, both past, present, real and imaginary. While she enjoys painting in oils and via digital formats, recently she has also started creating realistic bird masks. Her husband, Brian, regularly assists by wearing the costumes both in tandem with Jennifer as well as on his own. Jennifer has held a life-long passion for conservation, and most notably has won the prestigious U.S. Federal Duck Stamp competition, and is a Signature member of Artists for Conservation.