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The Ecology and Conservation of Grassland Birds' (BOU) 

TIME: 10:00AM - 4:45PM 

The BOU is holding an open one-day meeting with the RSPB Centre for Conservation Science on Monday, August 20th, in Vancouver, Canada.

Grasslands are found right across the planet, from tropical savannahs to alpine meadows, from coastline to mountain peak, forming key habitats for a wide range of species. Many of these habitats are under considerable threat from anthropogenic changes including land use change, urbanisation and climate change, which can impact on these important ecosystems and the birds which rely on them. The day has been planned specially to provide the large numbers of delegates arriving to register for IOCongress2018 on the Monday, with a series of presentations they can pop in and out of during this free open day.


We have four great keynote presentations lined up, together with a packed programme of offered presentations from around the world. Our keynotes (from left to right):

Prof Jenny Gill | University of East Anglia, UK
Conservation management of breeding waders on wet grasslands

Dr Brett Sandercock | NINA, Norway
Identifying demographic bottlenecks in the annual cycles of grassland birds

Prof Jane Reid | University of Aberdeen, UK
Applying population ecology to conserve Red-billed chough in agricultural grasslands

Dr Jill A. Shaffer | US Geological Survey, USA
Assessing and mitigating the effects of wind-energy development on grassland and wetland birds in the U.S. Northern Great Plains

21 - 25 August 2018  |  BOU at the ioc 'social media hub' booth

The BOU has been helping the IOC local organisers plan their social media delivery for the Congress. Part of this, and for the first time at any ornithological congress, there will be a dedicated 'Social Media Hub' to provide a focal point for delegates to learn more about the role social media already plays in ornithology, and how they can use it for their own research.

The IOC Social Media Hub will be the BOU's home from 21 - 25 August, and you will be able to find the BOU's Steve Dudley there most breaks and lunch periods.