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For the first time at any major ornithological event, #IOCongress2018 is pleased to host a social media booth – the #IOCsocialmediaHUB.

Come along and learn about the increasing use of social media in ornithology, particularly how researchers are now using social media to promote their published research to a wider audience, and how, using altmetrics, we are beginning to see increasing evidence linking increased social media coverage to citations at both the article and journal level.

Resources at the #IOCsocialmediaHUB include:

  • Volunteers to help with your social media and scicomm queries
  • Laptops for one-to-one social media tutorials and for you to access social media content
  • Large screen for social media information and for mini-workshops during breaks - check at the booth and on the #IOCsocialmediaHUB tag for topics and tags
  • How social are ornithologists? (poster)
  • Blogging to promote your ornithology (poster)
  • Altmetrics: what are they good for? (poster) 
  • and more! 

The #IOCsocialmediaHUB is situated in the Ballroom Foyer on Level 1 and is open throughout the Congress (21 – 26 Aug) with volunteers present at morning, lunch and afternoon breaks throughout the week, headed up by the BOU’s Chief Operations Officer, Steve Dudley (@stevedudley_ on Twitter), and Scicomm Monday’s Nicole Wood (@wildlifebiogal on Twitter).

social media workshop

DATE: Wednesday, August 22
TIME: 8:00PM - 10:00PM
LOCATION: Level 1 - VCC West 

Join the BOU's Steve Dudley and Scicomm Monday's Nicole Wood to learn more about how you can use social media for your research, in particular how to promote your research to our growing online ornithological community.

Science communication is as fast moving as science itself, and in recent years social media have come to the fore as important tools used for communicating science at the peer-to-peer and wider interested public levels.

Within ornithology, Twitter is clearly the dominant platform with thousands of active users reaching a daily audience of over a million people. There is also a growing body of evidence that online mentions of research articles contribute to the citations of those articles, including in ecology and ornithology. Twitter in particular is driving this within ornithology, contributing 75% of the overall Altmetric Attention Score of articles published in 10 ornithology journals between 2012 and 2016. As the links between online activity and citations becomes better understood, increasing numbers of researchers are taking to social media to promote their research and conservation findings – to share with peers and for wider outreach to engage the public in key societal issues including conservation.

The workshop will focus on two key areas of science communication for ornithologists:

  1. how indvidual researchers can contribute to the Altmetric Attention Score of their published research articles which in turn increases the probability of those articles being cited; and
  2. the most effective social media tools (and best practice) for science communication to engage peers and the interested general public 

The workshop is suitable for all levels of social media user provider baseline understanding for beginners and as a valuable update/refresher for more experienced users. 

#thetweetingbird: its rise, relevance and impact in #ornithology 

Poster: P11.001
DATE: Thursday - Saturday, August 23-26
TIME: Thursday, August 23 | 3:00PM - 4:30PM
LOCATION: Exhibit Hall A

Look out for the BOU's latest poster linking social media attention, altmetrics and citations in ornithology based on the authors' Royal Society Open Science paper 'Tweeting birds: online mentions predict future citations in ornithology'.

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