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oral presentation: speed talk/e-poster

Speed Talk: Speed talks occur as a central part of each of the oral sessions (see above). . The speed talks will run in rapid succession following the first two oral presentations. As you have only three minutes to talk (+ one minute for Q&A) please rehearse your timing well before arriving at the conference.

E-Poster:   The same presentation file will be used to present your work during one of the poster sessions, on e-poster stations on the Expo floor. You will be assigned a 30-minute block of time at a specific station where you are expected to attend, display your poster and discuss with any interested delegates. Please consult the program to determine the timing, as for some delegates your eposter will be presented before your speed talk. It is important to note that delegates will also be able to access and review your presentation at any time from Tuesday 21st Aug through Saturday 25th Aug, therefore no edits can be made to your presentation during the conference.

You will use the same file for both presentations. This requires that your file works both as an oral presentation file, where you are able to add commentary and expand on points, and also as a stand-alone file where the reader views it independently.

The deadline for e-poster file submission is end of day (Vancouver time) Sunday August 12, 2018. 

▼ Creating your file:

General Setup
Please create your presentation file in PowerPoint*, using a maximum of 6 slides. The slides should be created using the 16 x 9 wide screen presentation format. Do not use a 4:3 aspect ratio. You may select whatever backgrounds or styles you wish, but avoid large images as slide backgrounds.

We recommend 24 to 28 point type for the headings, and 18 to 20 point text for body text. Generally san-serif fonts like Calibri, Arial or Verdana or are more legible on screen than serif fonts like Times New Roman. Please use only common typefaces to avoid type substitutions.

Title Slide
The first slide should be a title slide and must contain the following:

  • Title of the Poster/Research,
  • The names and affiliations of all authors.
  • Contact details, so that interested delegates can contact you.
The title slide may also contain the logo or logos of the author’s institutions if desired, but these should be kept small and unobtrusive. You are free to add as many social media links or details as you think appropriate. Start the actual presentation on slide 2

You may use any image formats that PowerPoint will accept, but please keep the size to a rea¬sonable limit. If it is too large please sub-sample or crop the image. If you need help contact tech support.

Video can be included in your presentation. Videos should be no more than 720 x 540 pixels, and should run for no more than 120 seconds. Please upload the video files separately along with your PowerPoint file. Do not include more than two videos. Set video files for manual play only - do not invoke auto play.

Audio Clips
You may add audio clips if required for the content of the presentation - bird calls etc. Please do not include commentary in audio clips. Set audio files for manual play only - do not invoke auto play.

Slide transitions will be set by the system so please do not include slide transitions in your file. Intra-slide animations or transitions should be used sparingly and only if necessary to convey required information.

▼ submitting your file: 

When you are ready to submit, go to the abstract submission site: log in as an existing user, and select “My Profile” from the Main Menu. On your Profile page, locate the My Presentations table, which lists your presentations at the Congress. There should only be one presentation in the list unless you also have a Round Table. Click on the “Uploads” link at the far right of the table entry. This will open the uploads page, where you will see a drag-and-drop file upload target area.

To upload your file, simply drag your Powerpoint file on to the file target area and release the mouse. Your file should start to upload with a few seconds.

When the file has successfully been uploaded, yourfilename will appear in the File(s) Uploaded list to the left of the target area. If the filename appears that means all is fine, and you may log out. If this does not appear, the upload has failed for some reason. Please try again, and if it still fails, email tech support.

If you have used video in your file please upload the video files in the same manner. If you did not submit the abstract, and therefore don’t have the log-in, I will send you a link that will permit you to upload the file.

Tech support can be reached at



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