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Oral Presentation
(Plenary, Symposium, Oral, Round Table and Workshop) 

Plenary talk sessions run for 60 mins in total icluding a 3 min intro, 40-50 mins presentation followed by Q&A.

Symposia  (120 min session) are comprised of 5 presentations: 2 keynote talks at the start of the symposium (20 mins presentation + 4 mins Q&A), then 3 standard talks (15 mins presentation + 4 mins Q&A), with 3 mins changeover time between each presentation. Keynote speakers should review the broader field, but are welcome to also present new data.

At the start of the symposium, conveners have 3 mins to introduce the symposium topic and underlying rationale for its inclusion in the meeting. Organisers are welcome to upload a small number of slides for this purpose, which should be submitted ahead of the conference and can be checked in the speaker ready room the day before the symposium.

Oral sessions  (93 min session) are comprised of 2 full oral presentations (12 mins presentation + 4 mins Q&A), followed by 4 speed talks (3 mins presentation + 1 min Q&A), then 2 further full oral presentations (12 mins presentation + 4 mins Q&A). Please note there is no changeover time between speed talk presentations, and so it is essential presenters stick to time. Presenters should consult their email and the online program information to confirm their presentation type and prepare accordingly. Click here for speed talk formats.

Round Table/ Workshop  (120 min session) are variable in structure, and are to be coordinated by session conveners. These sessions may include slide presentations, but please note that any files to be used during these sessions should be uploaded well before the start of session following the instructions below. It is important to note that presentations cannot be individually uploaded in the presentation room.



You will receive instructions with login details to the submission site on August 9th. 


PPT, PPTX; The Presentation Management system at IOC 2018 is optimized for PowerPoint, whether created on a PC or MAC. To take advantage of advanced media support in PowerPoint, we recommend all PPT files be converted to the PPTX format. You can find the convert feature located under “File, Help” when you have your PowerPoint open.

PDF; Supported, but not ideal. If possible, please export/convert to PowerPoint. The following link provides a free online tool from a 3rd party that can assist with PDF to PPTX conversion,

KEY; Keynote files are not supported. Please export your presentation as a PowerPoint or PDF file for upload. Click here for instructions of this process. Be sure to review the result in the Speaker Ready Room.

Prezi is not supported; the session room computers will not have Prezi Desktop installed. Prezi presenters must save their presentation to PDF, and then ideally to PowerPoint PPTX. Prezi to PDF requires that you have a Prezi Pro account and instructions to do so are detailed on the Prezi site at this link, Please see the PDF file support section above in regards to converting PDF to PPTX which is ideal for the Presentation Management service.


▼ Considerations for custom fonts: 

We only supply fonts that are included with Office 2013. For a list, see this article. If you need a specialized font, it should be embedded into your PowerPoint presentation. Some licensed fonts may not embed and should be replaced with a font included with Office. Click here for an explanation of this process.

Links to the internet
Session Room computers are not connected to the Internet. Links to web pages will not function and may cause issues if clicked accidentally during your presentation. We strongly recommend removing all internet links from your presentation.

Aspect ratio
While both 16:9 and 4:3 presentations are fully supported, the session rooms are optimized for 16:9 ratio using 1920x1080 resolution.

Presentation audio
The session room computers will be connected to an audio system. Please try to ensure that all our audio files play at a similar volume level.


▼ Video and audio file support: 

Please see this article for file formats supported within PowerPoint. If you’re using PowerPoint 2007 or later, please be sure to embed your media files within the PPTX file. We also strongly recommend compressing your videos. If you’ve authored your PowerPoint as a PPTX, there are tools within PowerPoint to do this automatically. Instructions are found here. If you will be converting or authoring videos, we recommend Windows Media Video (WMV) or MPEG4 (MP4) for the best PowerPoint compatibility, while H.264 (MP4) can also work well. Video files should be .MP4 or .MOV file type. We suggest encoding at less than a 5Mbps bitrate for best performance.

Typical resolutions in the session room will be 1024x768 for 4:3 presentations and 1280x720 for 16:9 presentations. A 1080p, maximum bit rate encoding will bloat the size of your presentation with no visual improvement and may actually hurt performance. Keep in mind that the screen ratio is 4:3, so if you play a 16:9 ratio video in full screen mode, there will be black bars on the top and bottom (letterbox effect).

If you plan to play a DVD as part of your presentation, please notify a technician in the Speaker Ready Room so arrangements can be made for assistance in your session room. 

Audio should be AAC-LC up to 160 Kpbs, 48kHz

▼ General style/formatting tips: 

  • Employ careful use of font, sizes and colour to ensure your presentation is accessible. Please consider colour blind delegates may be present
  • Use a single, consistent background for all slides in your presentation
  • We recommend that the first slide should contain:
    • Title of your Research/Session
    • The names and affiliations of all authors
    • Contact details so that interested delegates can contact you.
    • The title slide may also contain the logo or logos of the author’s institutions, but (if used) these should be kept small and unobtrusive.
    • Twitter and other social media links or details can be included as well
  • If you animate your slides, be sure to use a simple and consistent animation/transition throughout the presentation
  • Ensure graphics and images are of suitable quality and resolution. Remember, presentations will look different on a 10-foot-wide screen than it does on a 21-inch computer monitor.
  • Be sure to follow copyright rules for any, and all, images/content/research used in your presentation, including crediting or attributing images/graphics that are not your own on the same slide on which they appear.
  • Where possible, use bar graphs or pie charts instead of tables of data.
  • Include your name and email address on your last slide to denote the start of the Q&A, and to allow delegates to contact you further
  • When saving/naming your file, please keep the length to under 30 characters and do not include special symbols $ & + , / : ; = ? @ " < > # % { } | \ ^ ~ [ ] `as this will prevent your presentation from uploading through the submission website.



Step 1: After your first login using the initial password, you’ll be prompted to create your own custom password. Please be sure to remember your custom password for future logins otherwise you’ll have to email us at and request a password change. After setting your custom password a list of sessions you’re presenting in will be displayed.

Step 2: Locate the desired session you wish to upload to. Important: When naming your file, please keep the length under 30 characters and do not include special symbols $ & + , / : ; = ? @ " < > # % { } | \ ^ ~ [ ] `as this will prevent your presentation from uploading through the submission website.

Step 3: Click the “Upload” green button.

Step 4: Browse out to your upload file/files target location, select the file(s) to upload, and click on “Open”.

Step 5: Please be patient while your file uploads and do not change/refresh the page. Depending on your internet connection to our server this may take a few minutes (not seconds).

Step 6: If your upload is successful, your screen will refresh and your files will appear listed under the appropriate session/presentation.

Step 7: Click the "Log Out" link near the top right of the page to end your session.

▼ Before you Depart, backup: 

Please bring a copy of your presentation along with you, on a USB drive when you depart for IOCongress 2018. While PowerPoint 2013 and later will embed movies by default, you should still bring the videos just in case. Not all prior versions of PowerPoint will embed movies. It is a good practice to keep a second copy of your presentation and movies in your luggage.

▼ Arriving at your session: 

Speaker Ready Room, Located at the Vancouver Convention Centre, West Building, Room 108

Speakers must check-in at the Speaker Ready Room before going to their session. Ideally, this check in and review is at least 1 day prior to their scheduled presentation. The computers in the Speaker Ready Room will be configured with hardware and software exactly like the ones in the session room. It is imperative that you review your presentation in the Speaker Ready Room. This is where our technicians can help resolve any compatibility or formatting issues and explain the in-room setup. All presentation files must be submitted in their final form at least 4 hours before session start time.


Speaker ready room hours



Monday August 20th

13:00 - 17:00

Tuesday August 21st

07:30 - 17:00

Wednesday August 22nd

07:30 - 20:00

Thursday August 23rd

07:30 - 20:00

Friday August 24th,


Saturday August 25th

07:30 - 20:00

Sunday August 26th 

07:30 - 15:30


giving your presentation 

Please arrive at your designated session room at least 15 minutes before the start of your session. At the lectern there will be a monitor set in front of you where you can follow your presentation. Simply click your name on the display, select the start button, and your PowerPoint will launch automatically. At the end of your presentation, the display will return to the list of presenters.

Please note that timing will be strictly enforced, whilst timing prompts will be employed at the meeting to allow all sessions to stay to time and allow synchronised movement between sessions. If you have any difficulties or need any assistance, just click the “ASSISTANCE NEEDED” button and a technician will be immediately sent to your room.

Please do not bring your own laptop or attempt to upload your presentations within your presentation room.


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