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Ornithological Societies, Groups and Associations

The Ornithological community consists of a variety of groups, societies, associations and unions, all of whom focus on a variety of specific areas pertaining to Ornithology.

With the International Ornithological Congress (IOCongress2018) coming to Vancouver in 2018, we'd like to bring everyone together to share their stories, provide insight and connect amongst peers, colleagues and enthusiasts alike.


British Ornithologists' Union (BOU)
British Trust for Ornithology
Dutch Seabird Group
European Union for Bird Ringing
Joint Nature Conservation Committee (UK)
Laboring: Western Palearctic Birds in Hand
Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
Royal Naval Birdwatching Society
The Seabird Group (UK)
German Ornithologists' Society (DO-G)


American Ornithological Society
American Bird Conservancy, Seabird Program
Pacific Seabird Group
Pacific WildLife Foundation
Peruvian Association for the Conservation of Nature
Sea Duck Joint Venture
Society of Canadian Ornithologists
Waterbird Society
Wilson Ornithological Society


Australian Bird Study Association
Australasian Seabird Group
Birdlife Australia   
Birds New Zealand
South Australian Ornithological Association
United Bird Societies of South Australia


Bird Count India
Birdwatchers Society of Andhra Pradesh (BSAP)
Japanese Seabird Group
Sociedad Ornitologica Canaria (SOC)


African Seabird Group
Overberg Crane Group


Birdlife International, Global Seabird Programme
Global Penguin Society
The Ornithological Council