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Monday, August 20, 2018

  • 07:00 19:00

    Registration / Information and Tour Desk Open

    VCC West | [Congress Delegates]
  • 08:00 12:00

    Association of Avian Veterinarians (AAV) Meeting ‑ Avian Welfare from the Veterinary Perspective

    West 205 | [Congress Delegates]

    Avian Welfare from the Veterinary Perspective with Dr. Joanne Paul-Murphy and Dr. Michelle Hawkins, UC Davis. 

    Attendance is complimentary for registered IOCongress2018 delegates. Folks who only want to attend sessions on Monday August 20th can register at the one day rate (price includes the opening ceremonies and welcome reception).

    For more information, click here>>

  • 08:30 16:30

    The IOU Working Group Psittaciformes (WGP)

    West 202 | [Congress Delegates]

    During the Satellite Meeting, we will discuss: (1) past successes and future plans for joint work; (2) research priorities for the next four years; (3) regional conservation priorities and strategies; (4) elections of regional coordinators and the Secretary for the period of 2018-2022; (5) ways of encouraging the participation in the WGP of colleagues from underrepresented regions such us South and South-east Asia, China, the Indian sub-continent, and the Middle East.

    The Satellite Meeting will also host a Psittaciformes Reintroduction Workshop focusing on parrot reintroduction. The aim of this workshop is the exchange of practical information that can be implemented by researchers and managers in the field. The workshop will cover a variety of topics, ranging from captive breeding to post-release monitoring. Several researchers and managers will be in charge of the lectures, sharing their individual experience on these topics. The workshop will be consist of four sessions: 1) The potential genetic risks in reintroduction programs, 2) Candidates for releases: sources, training and challenges, 3) Training and monitoring post-released individuals, and 4) Overcoming the challenges of reintroductions.

    For the full program and additional details, please click here

  • 08:40 15:15

    42nd Annual Meeting of The Waterbird Society

    West 212-213 | [Congress Delegates]

    The Waterbird Society is holding a two-day Annual Meeting, 19-20 August 0830-1815 on Sunday and 0830 – 1515 on Monday. There will be talks on shorebirds, waders, seabirds, and other birds like swallows or passerines whose ecology is closely linked with water. Talks will focus on their ecology, physiology, behaviour, and biology, and on conservation. There is also a Plenary by Rob Butler and a Symposium on Energetics on Sunday from 1550 – 1810. These talks are gratis for registrants and day pass holders. The Waterbird Society also has two Symposia and a RoundTable Discussion during the IOC (please refer to the IOC Program). All registrants and public (Sunday only) are invited.

    For more information, please click here

  • 09:00 16:30

    IOU Working Group on Bird Marking 2018

    West 207 | [Congress Delegates]

    The IOU Working Group on Bird Marking was established to increase coordination and communication among the world’s bird-marking programs and to develop a set of recommended international standards for managing bird-marking and associated programs.

    Marking birds, using various techniques, is a fundamental tool in ornithology, used to study many different aspects of bird biology, including migration and movement ecology, demography (population size, survival and recruitment) and behavioural studies. Originally focussed on numbered metal rings (bands), increasing use is now being made of other types of markers such as colour markers, radio-tags, transponders or data loggers. These are resulting in major new insights on bird biology, but also increasing challenges related to coordination, data management, project approval and ethics.

    In most countries, coordination of markers, and authorization to use them, is managed by one or more central bird-marking programs, which can thus have a significant influence on the nature and types of ornithological research being undertaken, both by professionals and amateurs.

    The 2018 meeting (see Agenda) will focus on review and approval of a newly developed standards manual, which gives guidance on recommended practices related to topics such as ethical and scientific standards, project review and permitting, selection of appropriate marker types, data management and data accessibility.

  • 09:00 14:00

    Society of Canadian Ornithologists ‑ Council Meeting

    West 204 | [Congress Delegates]


  • 10:00 21:00

    Bird Festival Day at Grouse Mountain

    Grouse Mountain | [ with admission]

    Monday is Bird Festival Day at Grouse Mountain

    Unleash your wild side at Grouse Mountain, Vancouver’s most-visited year-round attraction, located just 15 minutes from downtown. As part of the Vancouver International Bird Festival, the Grouse Mountain Refuge for Endangered Wildlife will be showcasing a variety of bird-focused demonstrations and activities – all included with your Mountain Admission ticket:

    9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

    • Hummingbird Banding Station 

    10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

    • Visits with our Owl ascot

    10:45 AM | 2:00 PM

    • Owl Interpretive Sessions (15 minutes)

    11:00 AM - 3:00 PM

    • Kids face painting 

    12:45 PM | 3:15 PM | 5:30 PM 

    • Birds in Motion Demonstration (30 minutes)

    11:00 AM | 1:00 PM | 2:30 PM | 4:00 PM

    • Guided Eco-Walks (45 minutes)

    While visiting Grouse Mountain, enjoy other alpine experiences also included with Mountain Admission such as our World Famous Lumberjack Show, visits with our resident Grizzly bears, dining, shopping and more. 


  • 10:00 16:45

    The Ecology and Conservation of Grassland Birds (BOU)

    West 206 | [Congress Delegates]

    The BOU is holding an open one-day meeting with the RSPB Centre for Conservation Science on Monday, August 20th, in Vancouver, Canada.

    Grasslands are found right across the planet, from tropical savannahs to alpine meadows, from coastline to mountain peak, forming key habitats for a wide range of species. Many of these habitats are under considerable threat from anthropogenic changes including land use change, urbanisation and climate change, which can impact on these important ecosystems and the birds which rely on them. The day has been planned especially to provide the large numbers of delegates arriving to register for IOCongress2018 on Monday, with a series of presentations they can pop in and out of during this free open day.

    For more information, please click here

  • 10:00 15:30

    International Ornithologists' Union ‑ Council Meeting

    VCC West | [Congress Delegates]
  • 13:00 16:30

    Society of Canadian Ornithologists ‑ Early Career Workshop

    VCC West | [Congress Delegates]
  • 13:00 16:00

    Applied Aspects of Avian Urban Ecology ‑ An International Initiative (EOU)

    West 204 | [Congress Delegates]
  • 15:00 17:30

    Opening Ceremonies ‑ Birds on Parade

    Harbour Green Park to VCC | [Free]

    Join us along the Vancouver Seawall - from Harbour Green Park to the Vancouver Convention Centre for the official opening of the Vancouver International Bird Festival, Artists for Conservation Festival and IOCongress2018!

    A great murmuration of flocks of birds on stilts and hand-held bird puppets parade along the seawall from Harbour Green Park to the Vancouver Convention Centre to join the Grand Opening of the Vancouver International Bird Festival and IOCongress2018.

    The arrival of Birds on Parade, First Nations welcome, expected appearances from Aeriosa, unveiling of five (5) Canada Post commemorative bird stamps and addresses from officials - join us for this wonderful Opening on Jack Poole Plaza! 

  • 16:30 17:15

    Canada Post Stamp Launch

    Jack Poole Plaza | [Free]
  • 17:30 19:00

    Official Opening of IOCongress2018

    West Ballroom A | [Congress Delegates]
  • 19:00 20:30

    Welcome Reception

    VCC West | [Congress Delegates]

    Join us from 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM for the Official IOCongress2018 Welcome Reception. Have a drink, grab a bite and mingle alongside other delegates from around the world.