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Welcome Message from the IOU President


Dear Ornithologists, Colleagues, and Friends,

The International Ornithologists’ Union is very happy to announce that Vancouver, Canada, will be the site of the 27th International Ornithological Congress (IOCongress2018) and Dr. Robert William Elner is the Convener. Canada has many new accomplishments to impress global ornithologists since hosting the congress in Ottawa in 1986. Vancouver provides the perfect setting for this important event. The venue for IOCongress2018 is beautiful, and the large, up-to-date facilities will allow innovative meeting formats.

For more than 100 years, the quadrennial International Ornithological Congress has provided the platform where ornithologists from all over the world meet to share up-to-date research and conservation accomplishments and concerns. These congresses have been held in different geographical locations each time, not only to highlight regional efforts but also to facilitate participation for those who are unable to travel long distances to attend.

I wish to take this chance to welcome and encourage your participation in IOCongress2018. This will be an excellent opportunity to showcase your research findings, enjoy free exchanges of ideas, liaise with ornithologists from afar, and seek support and assistance in the promotion of your concerns.

I look forward to seeing you in Vancouver in August 2018, and wish you success in your work in the meantime.

Lucia Liu Seveirnghaus
President, International Ornithologists' Union