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Why Bird feeding makes a difference

Anyone who has ever fed wild birds knows that it can bring joy to their lives. But, does bird feeding just benefit people? Do the birds become dependent on the food we provide? Join experts from Wild Birds Unlimited at the Community Theatre on the Nature & Bird Expo on Thursday and Saturday to learn more!

Why Bird Feeding Makes a Difference 
Thursday August 23 | 2:00PM
Brian Cunningham

Brian Cunningham has a love for the outdoors, nature and birds. His greatest passion is helping others experience nature and opening their eyes to the wonder and beauty of birds. As a young boy, Brian noticed the birds in his backyard and tried imitating their various calls. That grew into an initial career in environmental education with YMCA camps.

Currently, Brian works for Wild Birds Unlimited, a franchise system with nearly 350 stores across the US and Canada. With 22 years of experience at WBU, Brian serves as the Product and Hobby Education Manager utilizing his vast knowledge of the backyard bird feeding hobby to support the stores in being the local expert for their market. When Brian is not educating the nature lovers of the world, he’s enjoying the outdoors with his wife and three almost-fledged children.


The Five Steps to Bird Feeding Mastery 
Saturday August 25 | 11:00AM
Lanaye Baxter

Lanaye Baxter is the Manager of the Wild Birds Unlimited store in North Vancouver, BC. Her passion for birds and birdwatching started at an early age and led her to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of Victoria. She also worked on various field projects including bird banding, point counts, and nest monitoring. Lanaye enjoys nature photography, making travel videos, tasty food, and is currently learning how to speak Japanese.

Also make sure you follow the floor decals to visit Wild Birds Unlimited at booth #501 to learn how you can enjoy feeding birds in summer and all year long! 


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